三、 Someone and I say forever when I won't agonistic never tears.再有人和我说永远的时候我不会再血脉喷张不会再热泪盈眶。

五、 Want perfect, always not perfect.想要的完美,,始终不完美。

十、 The longer the explanation, the bigger the lie.解释的越长,谎言就越大。

四、 Accompany me to go to the future from a friend to become an old friend.陪我走到以后 从知己变成老友。

二十一、 Everything has a price, the price of happiness is suffering.凡事皆有代价,快乐的代价便是痛苦。

七、 He is all good, is not suitable.他哪里都好,就是不适合终老。

一、 The sandflass remembers the time we lost.沙漏记得,我们遗忘的时光。

十六、 Love remained short, but the memory lasts long.爱那么短,遗忘那么长。

十二、 Since know, why so sensational.既然心知肚明,又何必句句煽情。

十一、 I a person how to recall the sweet of two people.我一个人怎么回忆两个人的甜蜜。

十七、 When it has is lost, brave to give up. 当拥有已经是失去,就勇敢的放弃。

十八、 One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. 一次痛彻心扉的经历,抵得上千百次的告诫。

二十二、 Crowded accidentaly across not anymore. 人潮拥挤再也不会不期而遇。

十九、 You are the scenery of others but wet my eyes.你是别人的风景 却湿了我的眼睛。

二十三、 This season is very clean, there is no story without you.这个季节很干净,没有故事没有你。

八、 we accept the love we think we deserve. 认为值得 所以接受 这就是爱情。

六、 Laugh, make, quarrel, cry, now I need is indifferent.笑过,闹过,吵过,哭过,如今我需要的是冷漠。

九、 Nevermind,I will find someone like you.没关系,我会找到某个像你的他。

十四、 Better with no one than to be with the wrong one.与其找错误的人相伴,不如选择单身。

二十五、 Once all, lost became a joke.曾经的一切,失去了就成了一个玩笑。

二十四、 You made my life ,Holly,but i‘m just one chapter in yours. 你完整了我的人生,但我却只是你人生中的过客。

二十、 At least in my show time, I try my best to love you.至少在属于我出场的时间里,曾拼尽全力爱过你。

十五、 I just want to go back to the days where we’d talk about everything. 我只想回到过去无话不谈的日子。


二、 Finally I've become a grown up.Live in courage and face the life with smile.终于,还是长大了。勇敢生活,微笑面对。

十三、 Too many stories have no results. 拥有太多故事却都没有后来。

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